Rachel shares her hints and tips on how to prepare to meet with your oncologist

Written by Rachel on 3rd March, 2023

Rachel lives with secondary breast cancer

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Join us for our inspiring podcast series, where we explore the multifaceted experiences of those affected by cancer. Our diverse guests share their personal journeys, offering hope, support, and valuable insights on topics ranging from family dynamics to mental health, ethnicity, recovery, and beyond. Hosted by our Marketing Officer, Becca Guiller, each episode provides a compassionate space for storytelling, resource sharing, and community building. Whether you're undergoing treatment, supporting a loved one, or seeking inspiration, our podcast is here to remind you that you're not alone.

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Travel & Travel Insurance after a Cancer Diagnosis

Fiona Macrae

Fiona Macrae, founded the travel insurance brand Insurancewith when she struggled to get travel insurance after her own cancer diagnosis in 2005. Fiona founded Insurancewith with the aim of providing people with medical conditions such as cancer a fair and affordable travel insurance policy to cover their upcoming holidays.

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Meet our Ambassador and volunteer, Roz Colthart, as she bravely shares her heartfelt journey alongside her Mum's battle with lung cancer.


As Roz reminds us, you are never alone. If you or a loved one are facing cancer, we're here to support you.

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