How to support and donate

Help support the work we do at Cancer Card

All donations to Cancer Card will help ensure that everyone in the UK affected by cancer can find the support they need.

Thank you for considering a donation to Cancer Card. Your support will help us continue to provide a valuable service to those affected by cancer. Here are some examples of what your donation could gift:

£15 will help us fund a thermometer for our Comfort Boxes, providing a vital tool for patients to monitor their temperature during treatment.

£30 will help us support cancer patients in Scotland by improving access to cancer support services regardless of location, ability, or systems access. This will provide individuals with the support they need to manage their condition and live their lives to the fullest.

£50 will help us provide a cosy blanket and slipper socks for our Comfort Boxes, offering warmth and comfort to patients as they start their cancer journey.

We hope that these examples have given you an idea of the impact your donation can make. Every contribution counts, and we truly appreciate your support. Thank you for considering a donation to Cancer Card.