Policy Engagement

Welcome to our Policy Engagement page, where we proudly share our commitment to shaping policies and influencing key initiatives in the realm of cancer support. As a cancer support charity, we actively engage with various cross-party groups and coalitions to advocate for the needs of people affected by cancer in Scotland.

Scottish Cancer Coalition Membership

We are honored to be members of the Scottish Cancer Coalition, a dynamic partnership of voluntary organisations dedicated to enhancing cancer services and outcomes for patients in Scotland. This coalition allows us to contribute our expertise and collaborate with other organisations, collectively striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

Cross-Party Groups

Our active involvement extends to several cross-party groups (CPGs) where we collaborate with policymakers and influencers to address key themes related to cancer support. Here are some of the prominent groups we currently sit on:

1. Cross-Party Group on Cancer


2. Cross-Party Group on Health Inequalities


3. Cross-Party Group on Palliative Care


Our participation in these groups allows us to provide valuable insights, share evidence-based practices, and actively contribute to the development of policies that positively impact the cancer community in Scotland