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A little bit about us

Cancer Card was founded by Jen Hardy, an incredible mother, sister and friend, who lives in Edinburgh with stage 4 incurable breast cancer.
Jen was diagnosed on 18th October 2017 after having a CT scan to find out the cause of her sore throat and paralysed vocal cord.
Whilst searching for more cancer support, Jen noticed there was no single place to go that listed the hundreds of different services, support providers, information channels and free treats. It was this realisation that prompted Jen to start Cancer Card, creating a single place for anyone affected by cancer to find access to everything they need. Watch my video to learn more

How we can help

Get valuable insight
Our community will help anyone affected by cancer with their own insight, hints, tips, suggestions and useful information.

Find support
Our directory will help you find every organisation offering support, both online and in your local community.

Uncover a treat
Discover free treats, holidays, experiences and more from the UK's top charities and organisations. Completely free of charge for cancer patients and their families.

Why we're needed

Being given a free weekend stay in a cottage in the highlands brought us back together during my cancer treatment, but I'd never have found that charity if a friend of a friend hadn't known of them first. We really need a single place to find help and support.

Jane Smith | Diagnosed with Colon cancer in 2018

I was really worried about booking my first holiday abroad as I thought it would be complicated and difficult, and that I’d not get the right level of insurance cover in place. I spent so much time calling insurance companies, looking online and speaking to my friends to try and find the right insurance for me. I wish Cancer Card had been around then, it would have saved me so much time, stress and worry if I could have found all the information I needed in one central place.

Alison Tait | diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer, August 2016

Being told you have cancer once is challenging enough but to be told it's returned and now incurable is utterly devastating. That’s very much how I felt. I had few signposts for help or where I could go for information however the Cancer Card will solve so much of this. It's vital this information is readily available to everyone who needs it and it’s all in one place. That sums up how important this is to our community. Let’s make it happen!

Jane O’Neill | diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer 2016

When I was diagnosed I was overwhelmed with information and found it hard to find the right support networks while processing having Cancer. When I met Jen for a coffee, she kindly informed me about Maggies free counselling, Macmillan support, free yoga, vouchers towards wigs. In that half hour I found everything I spent hours looking for. Since our conversation a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I don't feel alone. This charity is amazing and it will help anyone that feels like I did… there is hope and there is support. So grateful. Thank You.

Laura Anderson | diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer 2020

When you’re told ‘it’s Cancer’ it’s true that you stop listening. The word Cancer just sticks in your head. I am sure my amazing Consultant gave me more information but you can’t take it in, and then you’re alone without anyone to ask the hundreds of questions you have. I didn’t know where to turn. Cancer Card will give all of us one place to go and it’s invaluable, it’s astounding this doesn’t already exist when it’s so vital.

Keith McIntyre | diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer 2018

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