Special days for seriously ill young adults

For people living with a life-threatening illness, every day should be precious.

The pressures of diagnosis, treatment and recovery can have a devastating effect on work and family life.

Willow aims to redress the balance: providing unique and unforgettable moments and experiences tailored to each individual. Every effort is made to always ensure a stress-free, seamless experience, not only meeting but exceeding expectations. Willow currently has two services to support those with life threatening illnesses.

Willow accepts referrals for adults between the ages of 16-40 living with a life threatening condition.

Special Days

If you’re living with a life-threatening illness, every day is precious.

A Willow Special Days Out are fun-packed day trips designed around your interests. Examples include a trip to a theme park, tickets to a sporting event, a day at the zoo and many more besides.


Eligibility Criteria

Special Days at Home

A Willow Special Day at Home is particularly suitable for people who are less mobile or who might find it hard to leave home. It could mean a party for you and your loved ones, a very special photoshoot to capture a precious, a spa day at home, or a film party!


Eligibility Criteria

Special Breaks

A Willow Special Break is an opportunity to take some much needed time out with your loved ones. It could mean a short stay at a hotel or a longer break in self-catering accommodation – such as a holiday park or cottage.

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Special Treats

Special Treat boxes are personalised gift boxes, full of fantastic items designed to improve well-being and give a positive boost to those that need it most. We offer a bespoke box tailored to individual needs, with a large selection of items to choose from.

We encourage individuals as well as medical professionals and support groups, who may be interested to contact us directly.

To apply or find out more information, please email an initial enquiry to vicky.pickering@willowfoundation.org.uk

Eligibility Criteria

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