Victoria's Promise

Empowering young women, and their families, through cancer and beyond.

How we can help

We offer nationwide community support via our Victoria’s Promise App where you can join in weekly webinars and gain support from other VP Ladies going through a similar journey. We also welcome family members onto the app for support on their journey.

We offer in person support services for young women diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at a specific local hospitals. All services are funded and provided by Victoria’s Promise.

VP Community App

We wanted to find a way to make the biggest impact of support across the UK and the world as we possibly could for young women going through their cancer journey, so we created the VP Community App. Simply apply to join and once approved you’ll be joining a community of hundreds of women that you can connect to on a personal level, that really understand what it is you and your family are going through.

The Victoria’s Promise App is a private community app available to women everywhere aged between 18 and 50. Our Community App offers the opportunity to meet other women of similar age and similar lifestyle, who get what you are going through, for friendship and support, so that they feel a community spirit with those on a similar journey to themselves. Not only do we have this community for our VP Ladies, but their family are welcome to join their own private ‘room’ (Husband/ Partner, Mothers, Fathers and Siblings private chat) to connect with other family members of women going through a similar journey.



In Person Support

In person support services currently available for young women originally diagnosed and/or treated at the following Hospitals – Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital and Royal County Hants Hospital and Andover Memorial Hospital.*

We offer in person support services to young women (aged between 18 years and 50 years) who have been diagnosed with cancer, are undergoing treatment or have completed treatment and feel support for them, and their immediate family, will empower them through their experience. We believe these services to be critical to the health, physical and mental wellbeing and outcome for women with cancer. We look at the whole, and ensure that there is a practical, impactful and enjoyable service available to deal with the challenges synonymous with a cancer diagnosis.

All services are funded and provided by Victoria’s Promise.

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