The Manda Centre

The Trauma, Loss & Personal Crisis Centre

The Manda Centre was founded in March 2016 by a number of people with personal and professional experience of Trauma, Loss & Personal Crisis to provide a level of support not available from any other organisation.

The Manda Centre has identified through the referrals we receive from a number of agencies, the high level of loss, isolation and loneliness that affects our service users.

We treat everyone that attends The Manda Centre with confidentiality, dignity and respect and develop our service in response to the demand of all those we support.


We provide a safe and confidential environment where those affected by Trauma, Loss & Personal Crisis can meet with others in similar circumstances, to share mutual thoughts, feelings and experiences.


We provide one to one Counselling Support and Holistic Therapies. Both can be delivered on a face to face basis in our Centre or done Remotely over the Telephone.

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