The Lavender Touch

Helping people in the Scottish Borders through all stages of their cancer experience

How we help

Here at The Lavender Touch, we help to fund a completely confidential service to help people – and carers – who are struggling with the side effects associated with cancer and its treatment, in the Scottish Borders.

Living with cancer can be the most distressing and difficult time in someone’s life. We help by easing some of the pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia that are all-too-common side effects of cancer and its treatment, with our complementary therapies.

What we do

We offer therapeutic treatments, including massages, reflexology, and aromatherapy, through a number of qualified therapists, as well as soothing, moisturising and calming products that are freely available to buy through our shop.

Our services are fully tailored to suit patients’ needs, and have been designed to work alongside cancer treatment from healthcare professionals. This helps to encompass a more holistic approach to dealing with your illness and recovery.

These treatments can be carried out via our therapy room at the Borders General Hospital, your local health centre, or even in your own home – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

The treatments we offer

Currently, we offer a course of six treatments for those suffering through cancer, and a course of three treatments for carers. These will vary and can be adjusted or combined based on the individual.


The massage we offer is comfort-oriented. Healing happens at rest, and so we feel it’s important to help people’s bodies rest, as well. The massages can help with circulation, as well as to reduce anxiety and stress.

It can also help oedema, skin conditions, and sensitive skin as a result of your treatment.


Reflexology is a popular treatment for those suffering from cancer, and mainly involves working with the feet to help with lymphatic drainage and release your body’s natural healing powers.

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