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As a charity our purpose is to educate the public and health professionals about inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), support individuals and family members diagnosed with IBC and to promote and fund IBC  research in the United Kingdom.

Our main avenues of support are our private Facebook groups, but for those not on social media we also provide e-mail support.

Support Groups

Our support group for patients diagnosed with IBC can be found here:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Support UK

Please note that new potential members must be screened by admins before being added to the group as IBC can be misdiagnosed. Our support group for family members can be found here:

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network UK Family Support Group

We also run two additional support groups: Reconstruction after IBC Treatment and Living with IBC (for patients diagnosed with metastatic/secondary IBC). Both of these groups are set to private, and we add patients to them from our main patient support group as relevant.

We believe that everyone should be given the tools and understanding to explore their options. We are a scientific data and evidence-based support service and follow the IBC treatment protocol and the International Standard of Care for IBC.

When it is possible, we arrange three face-to-face meetups per year for members in our groups. These meetups have ceased during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope to resume them next year.

We make it clear that we are not medical professionals. Please see our medical disclaimer below.

Medical disclaimer

Any medical information referred to in or through our site is given as information only and is not intended:

  • as medical diagnosis or treatment
  • to replace consultation with a qualified medical practitioner
  • to advocate or recommend the purchase of any product or to endorse or guarantee the credentials or appropriateness of any health care provider

We strongly suggest you consult a healthcare professional for specific advice about your situation.

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