The Cancer App

Help at Hand

Putting you in control

Everyone’s cancer journey is different, individual. And with so much information to stay on top of, we know it can also seem overwhelming.  

The Cancer App has been designed to help you stay in control of your care, appointments, medications and contacts, with relevant, expert information specific to your cancer. It is our mission to make living with cancer that bit easier. ‍ Easy to use, free to download, the aim of The Cancer App is to be useful. If you are living with cancer, we are here to support you. Help at hand.

How The Cancer App can help you...

  • All your important information in one place – on your phone or tablet!
  • Easy to use. Free to download.
  • Support for you - general and cancer-specific information.
  • My Appointments - helping you stay on top of your calendar.
  • My Medication - take the right dose at the right time.
  • My Contacts - Easy to input, update, manage, view and use.

All the information that you put into the app is safely stored on your phone or tablet, not on a server somewhere else. It is your information, and it is secure.

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