Something To Look Forward To

For people affected by cancer

How people benefit

‘Something To Look Forward To’ improves quality of life for cancer patients and their families by providing gifts, experiences, and essentials, helping to relieve the financial burden associated with cancer treatment and allowing those affected to focus on rest, recuperation, wellbeing, and positive memory building. We focus on researching, identifying, and building long lasting relationships with individuals, and companies who donate gifts and experiences which we then match to those in need.

Cancer is a physical disease but, like any illness, it affects who you are and how you make sense of the world. A sense of well-being enables people affected by cancer during and after treatment to lead as normal and active life as possible and it is an integral part of the cancer pathway. It is also essential that well-being support is available to families and Carers so their support needs are met as well. The holistic approach offered by the ‘Something To Look Forward To’ service leads to more positive outcomes for people affected by cancer.

The support provided by ‘Something To Look Forward To’ has shown an average increase in wellbeing of 126%.

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