Solving Kids' Cancer UK

Helping those affected by neuroblastoma, an often aggressive and deadly childhood cancer

Solving Kid's Cancer are fighting for a future where no child dies of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma or suffers due to its treatment

Family support

We are there for families of children affected by neuroblastoma, providing support throughout their cancer journey and helping them with the widespread challenges they face. 

Access to treatment

We provide evidence-based and impartial information to help families choose treatment options for their child and to access treatments and clinical trials if they are not available on the NHS. 


We initiate and fund innovative clinical research, bringing more, better and less toxic treatment options to the UK for children fighting neuroblastoma now. Through this, we are determined to advance science and find a cure for future generations. 


We campaign and collaborate with the neuroblastoma community for the best treatment and care for children in the UK.  The Big Love Fund is here to support you - the fund has been created for families across the UK and Ireland to support a child or young person's physical or emotional welfare (up to £250 per year) and to support families in bereavement with funeral and associated costs (up to £500).

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