Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action's Patient Hub provides information and advice that will help guide you from your diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

It features information about how ovarian cancer is treated, where to go for more support and advice, and more.

If you have any further questions or would like someone to speak to, visit the Resources page where you’ll find the contact details of key organisations whose expert staff are on hand to give support and advice whenever you need it.   

  • What is ovarian cancer? Read our guide on everything you need to know about ovarian cancer - including statistics, treatments and symptoms of ovarian cancer.
  • Is my ovarian cancer hereditary? Most ovarian cancer patients should be offered a genetic test at diagnosis to see if they carry a BRCA 1/2 mutation.
  • Ovarian cancer treatment There are various options when it comes to ovarian cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, hormone treatment and more.
  • Advice for younger women Information and support for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a younger age.
  • My ovarian cancer has come back Where to go for support if your cancer has returned.
  • Resources Living well with ovarian cancer, practical help and a support & information glossary.
  • Browse our video library Meet our ambassadors, scientists, health experts and supporters. Watch talks, guides, stories and more in our video library; tune in and stay up to date with the latest from Ovarian Cancer Action. 
  • Your Stories Telling your story is a powerful way to spread awareness. Read about other people’s experiences of ovarian cancer here or email pressoffice@ovarian.org.uk to tell yours.

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