Orkney Patient Escort Service

Travelling to GP's, Consultants and hospitals on the mainland of Scotland.

Travel tickets are available for patients resident in Orkney who have been referred by General Practitioners or Consultants to hospitals on the mainland of Scotland, and to escorts who have been authorised by the patient’s doctor or consultant. You can choose to travel by air or sea. Tickets are issued under the Highlands and Islands Travel Scheme.

For patients registered with Dounby Surgery, Daisyvilla Surgery, Stromness Surgery, Skerryvore Practice or Heilendi practice, please call Travel Administration on 01856 888 045 as soon as you receive your appointment from the hospital. Travel Administration will take note of your travel arrangements and make the booking for you.  You will be asked to send a copy of your appointment letter/email to verify your appointment and once this is received, you will be sent an email with your booking confirmation and any other relevant information, or you can collect your paperwork from the main reception desk in The Balfour by taking along your appointment letter.

For patients registered with a GP surgery in the outer isles you will need to contact your GP receptionist who will take your details and will make the travel arrangements in conjunction with Travel Administration, who make all the necessary bookings. Once the surgery have verified your appointment the booking can either be emailed to you or picked up from your GP Surgery.

If a patient has no family, friend or neighbour that can travel with them but feel they need somebody they are advised to contact the Scottish Ambulance Service who will ask a series of questions regarding their appointment, health, and home access etc to see if they would qualify for assistance. The number for the Scottish Ambulance is 0300 123 1236.

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