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We are the UK’s largest music therapy charity.

We are the UK’s largest music therapy charity.

We deliver music therapy to a range of clients across the UK, including some of the most vulnerable people in society. We meet the growing need for music therapy by training music therapists and ensuring that their skills are not only maintained but developed. We research music-making and its potential to inform how we can support our clients and people in challenging situations.

Medical and life-limiting illness

Music therapy can play an important role in recovery from serious illness, but where recovery is not possible it can help maintain quality of life for as long as possible. Even at the very end of life, music making can offer an emotional outlet and a sense of comfort and enjoyment. It can allow people to be playful, interactive and adventurous at the time they need it most.

Breaking through barriers

Music has the power to connect us, even when words fail. There are many people who, because of the barriers of illness, disability or social isolation, have few opportunities to express themselves and engage with others. Music therapy helps to break through those barriers. By making music in a collaborative way, our clients learn to communicate, connect and be truly present.

Music therapy as unique as every person

Working one-to-one or with small groups, our therapists create a platform for people to express themselves and share a connection. No one is being taught, no one is being fixed. Therapist and client make music together as equals, responding to each other’s cues. No two sessions are the same, because no two clients are the same.

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