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You may not know how cancer will affect your work now and in the future. Read the answers to commonly asked questions about work and cancer.

How will cancer affect my work life?

You may not know how cancer will affect work in the short term or in the future.

How cancer affects your work life will depend on different things, such as:

  • the type of cancer, its stage and size, and whether it has spread
  • treatment and its side effects
  • your finances
  • the practical support you have.

You may need time off work to have tests, appointments and treatments. You may also need time to cope with your feelings. For example if you feel anxious, shocked or upset. Some people stop working during cancer treatment and for a while after until they feel ready to go back. Others carry on working, perhaps with reduced hours or changes to their job.

How will cancer affect me if I'm self-employed?

If you are self-employed, and you need to reduce your working hours, your business could be affected. You may not have the same kind of support that someone working for larger organisation might have. But you may be able to work in a more flexible way and set your own pace.

We have more information about how cancer may affect your business.

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