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Macmillan - Employers and Cancer

Macmillan at Work provides information, training and resources for employers to help them support staff affected by cancer.

Supporting your staff

Work is important for many people with cancer or caring for someone with cancer, for lots of reasons. Going to work can give a sense of normality to their life. It can also help with recovery.

Managers and employers play an important role in supporting people with cancer and their carers.

If a person has or has had cancer, they are protected by law from unfair treatment at work for the rest of their life. Under equality laws, managers and employers should try to support employees. This includes making reasonable adjustments to help them stay in or return to work when they are ready and able.

When exploring making reasonable adjustments to the workplace or working pattern, your employee should be fully consulted and involved in the process.

Some simple first steps to support your employee could be to:

  • talk to your employee to understand their needs
  • provide training for managers
  • check your policies are up to date
  • educate employees
  • raise awareness of cancer.

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