Love Po

Giving cancer patients something to make them smile.

Love Po is for anyone who’s currently receiving cancer treatment or for those in their first year after completing cancer treatment.

How does Love Po work?

We’ll post new gifts and experiences on our website for applicants to apply for, categorised under Big Gift or Wee Gift:

  • Big Gift – this will normally be weekends away but can include other things too.
  • Wee Gift– most of our stuff will fall under this category and includes gift vouchers for cinema or meals etc.

We’ll always make it clear which category the stuff falls under.

Wee Gifts will go to those who apply and meet our criteria first. And Big Gifts will be open for a month, from when they’re posted, so it gives everyone a fair chance to apply. At the end of the month, a random applicant will be selected.

How often can you receive a gift or experience?

Applicants can receive a Big Gift every six months and then can apply for a Wee Gift every two months.

Click to sign up and apply for a gift.

How to get connected with Love Po

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