Little Brainstrust

Around 500 children a year are diagnosed with a brain tumour, and there are innumerable families living with the disease. Families can find communication difficult, and awareness of brain tumours in children is low.

Why we’re here

With help from Children with Cancer UK, we’re working to help all families where a child has a brain tumour, wherever they are in the UK.

We know that families facing a brain tumour diagnosis for a child feel scared, confused and alone – they need somewhere to turn.

little brainstrust is our dedicated children and families arm, providing personalized support for everyone affected by a childhood brain tumour. We provide coaching support, organise events and build resources for all members of the family so that you can have your best possible day, every day.

Our support is available to everybody affected by any type of brain tumour. Find out more about the ways we can help you thrive when living with and beyond a brain tumour below.

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