Children's Cancer Unit Charity

Between 60 – 70 children in Northern Ireland are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Every one of them will visit the Children’s Cancer Unit throughout their journey, as it is the only place in Northern Ireland where children can receive specialist treatment for cancer.

Here, children affected by cancer and blood disorders are treated and cared for by a team of experienced and devoted medical professionals and staff.

The Children’s Cancer Unit is part of a global network which facilitates crucial clinical trials with the objective of improving survival rates, and the quality of that survival, for children affected by these dreadful disorders.

The mission statement of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology is ‘No child should die of Cancer’, a vision that the Children’s Cancer Unit in Belfast embraces.

In recent years we have:

Built 2 new rooms onto the Unit, increasing the number of beds.

Helped create a new Teenagers & Young Adults Service, in partnership with four other children’s cancer charities.

Funded the development of the CCUC Relax It App which helps children prepare for treatment.

Donated £300,000 towards a MRI Scanner at the Children’s Hospital.

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