CanRehab - Free Cancer Exercise Classes Edinburgh

Anna Baker BSc PhD

Anna is a personal trainer, pilates & fitness instructor. She has a PhD in Biochemistry with 10 years experience in cancer research. In 2002 she left her post as a University Lecturer in Edinburgh for a job she loved, teaching fitness classes.

In 2006 she began her personal training career and has never looked back. 

CanRehab - Free Cancer Classes

Lately, Anna's CANCER RESEARCH background has proved a useful tool in setting up CanRehab classes at Nuffield, Chesser, Edinburgh.

These are FREE to anyone pre-post- or currently going through cancer treatment. Exercise plays a significant part in getting through cancer and stopping its return. Contact Anna for more details.

Tuesdays 1pm - strength class

Wednesdays 4pm - pilates

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