Cancer On Board

Let’s make every journey with cancer, a little bit easier.

Let’s make every journey with cancer, a little bit easier

If you’ve ever had a bad hangover, morning sickness or even just a lousy cold, you’ll know what it’s like not getting a seat on the commute to work.

But if you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, a chance to sit down to and from appointments can make a huge difference.

Our founder, James McNaught took inspiration from TFL’s Baby On Board badges, whilst he was undergoing treatment. Treatment that left him exhausted, weak and gradually, unable to speak. And so the Cancer On Board badge was born.

But the badge is only the beginning. Whilst other organisations and charities seek to find a cure and fund research, we’re focused on the immediate need of making journeys to and from treatment a little more bearable.

If you want a badge just get in touch – we send them out for free in the UK.  If you are abroad we would appreciate a donation to cover the postage cost.

Read more about James’s story, along with other peoples experiences of having a little help, or even raising a smile thanks to a simple little badge.

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