British Thyroid Foundation

We provide information and support to help people live better with thyroid disease

We provide the following information and support people affected by thyroid disorders in the following ways:

  • Patient literature about all thyroid conditions, symptoms, and treatments. Most patient leaflets are also available in Urdu, Polish, Mandarin, and Arabic. All resources can be downloaded from our website. English versions of leaflets are sent out free of charge to patients, hospitals and clinics in the UK on request
  • A series of patient experience films which are featured on the BTF YouTube channel
  • A comprehensive website
  • BTF News - our newsletter is sent out twice a year (either electronically or by post) to BTF members.
  • Peer support offered by user-led local support groups across the UK. The groups hold regular meetings and usually include talks by medical professionals and other speakers who help people improve their understanding of thyroid disorders and provide strategies to manage them
  • A network of volunteer telephone contacts who offer information, peer support and experience-based practical guidance
  • Patient and public information events, face-to-face and virtual
  • A medical query answering service 
  • Closed Facebook groups offering support to people affected by hyperthyroidism, thyroid eye disease, thyroid cancer and parents and carers of children with thyroid disorders
  • Provide patients with the opportunity to take part in research studies and projects  
  • Represent the patient voice to medical professionals and researchers
  • Research funding - the BTF Research Award (currently £35,000) is available to researchers and scientists to fund a three-year research project on thyroid disorders
  • Two awards (up to £500 each) to be used to support endocrine nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals

We work in partnership with the British Thyroid Association (BTA) and the British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons (BAETS). All our patient literature is endorsed by the BTA and BAETS.

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