Beatson Cancer Charity - Wellbeing Services

We help to enhance cancer patients’ sense of wellbeing and their capacity to self-manage their condition.

Beatson Cancer Charity’s Wellbeing Centre is a unique space in The Beatson and is designed to be a calming environment for patients away from the wards and clinics. Patients can choose to sit back in one of our tranquil lounges to relax and put their feet up whilst taking in the views over the West End of Glasgow.

Our team of centre support staff are on hand to give you a warm welcome and make sure that you get the right support and guide you on how the centre can help.

The centre is located on the 4th floor of the Beatson and is a place where patients can chat with others, socialise with our range of activities, access support available and join in on our exercise and crafting classes.

 For more information please call the Wellbeing Centre directly on 0141 301 7667.

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