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The Blue Badge Scheme is a national scheme that enables people with significant mobility problems to park closer to their destination.

The national scheme is open to eligible disabled people no matter whether they're a driver or a passenger. Blue Badges can be issued to adults, children or organisations providing care.

Apply for a Blue Badge

A Blue Badge can help you park close to where you need to go either as a driver or passenger. The badge is intended for on street parking only.

Check your eligibility or get further information before applying.

Organisations that care for and transport disabled people who themselves meet the eligibility criteria for a badge can also apply.

Risk in Traffic criteria

A Risk in Traffic applicant is someone who has a diagnosed mental disorder, who has no awareness of the danger from traffic and are likely to compromise their safety, or the safety of others during journeys.

How to apply

You can apply online with the exception of Risk in Traffic applicants who will need to download our form.

You can also replace a lost, stolen or damaged badge online.

If you need any assistance, contact our Customer Advice and Support Service.

Cost of a Blue Badge

A badge costs £20 and can be valid for a period of between 12 months and three years.

More information

If you are moving into the Scottish Borders from out with Scotland and have a valid Blue Badge this can be used in Scotland until it expires. When the Blue Badge does expire you will then be required to apply under the Scottish eligibility criteria.

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