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The Blue Badge Scheme is a national scheme that enables people with significant mobility problems to park closer to their destination.

The national scheme is open to eligible disabled people no matter whether they're a driver or a passenger. Blue Badges can be issued to adults, children or organisations providing care.

Application Process

You can apply for a Blue Badge online or via application form. (Please note if you are applying under the Risk in Traffic criteria, this can only be done via a paper application).

How do I qualify automatically for a Blue Badge?                        

If I don't qualify automatically for a Blue Badge, can I still apply?                        

Can I apply for a Blue Badge for a child under the age of 3?                        

Can I apply for someone who has a mental or cognitive condition that means they lack awareness about the danger of traffic?                        

I am a driver with severe disability in both arms; can I apply?                        

Can I apply for a Blue Badge for an organisation?                        

Can I appeal a decision on my Blue Badge?                        

What is the timescale for receiving a Blue Badge?                        

My badge is about to expire, what should I do?                        

How much will my Blue Badge cost?                        

How do I replace my badge if is stolen, lost or damaged?                        

What if I believe a Blue Badge is being misused?                        

What is a parking clock card?                        

Where can I use my Blue Badge to park?                        

Can I park in a local town centre?                        

Can I use my Blue Badge in the European Union?                        

I'm visiting Fife, can I use my disabled badge?                        

Can I use my Blue Badge once it has expired?                        

Copies of the application types are shown below and can be printed from here.

If you are unable to print out a copy of an application form, you can request to have one sent by post by calling 03451 55 00 66.

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