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The Blue Badge Scheme is a national scheme that enables people with significant mobility problems to park closer to their destination.

The national scheme is open to eligible disabled people no matter whether they're a driver or a passenger. Blue Badges can be issued to adults, children or organisations providing care.

Request a Blue Badge

Blue Badge parking

If you're a driver or a passenger and you have mobility issues, you may be eligible for a Blue Badge. You can check if you are eligible for a Blue Badge on the Scottish Government website.

Apply for a Blue Badge

You must include full contact information with your application as Blue Badge renewal notifications are no longer being sent via post. These are now only being sent via email or text.

Apply for a Blue Badge

Apply for a at risk criteria Blue Badge

If you are applying for a Blue Badge for a person who because of a mental condition lacks awareness of danger from traffic and is likely to compromise their safety or the safety of others, please apply under the at risk criteria.

Contact Travel concessions for the form.

Renew a Blue Badge 

You should apply to renew your Blue Badge four months before your current badge expires.

Renewal notifications are no longer sent via post. These will be sent via email or text. Please include this contact information in your application.

There are currently delays in completing NHS assessments when applying for or renewing Blue Badges. This is outwith our control. Blue Badges which expire on or after 1 December 2021, will be accepted as being valid for on street parking in Edinburgh. This will be in place until 31 August 2022.

Renew a Blue Badge

If you have any queries or difficulties regarding applying for a Blue Badge online then please contact the Travel Concessions team for assistance.

Pay for a Blue Badge

If you applied without making a payment when you submitted your application, please pay for your Blue Badge.

Where you can park with a Blue Badge 

With a Blue Badge you can park free of charge and without a time limit on street in Edinburgh

  • in pay and display and shared use on-street parking bays
  • on single or double yellow lines when loading is allowed
  • in greenways parking places when parking is allowed
  • in disabled parking bays.

You should not park

  • in bus lanes during the hours of operation
  • in cycle lanes
  • on single or double red lines during the hours of operation
  • on zig-zag pedestrian crossings at school entrances
  • in bus stops
  • in parking spaces for residents, motorcycles and city car club users
  • in suspended parking bays
  • any place where traffic or emergency vehicles might be held up
  • at dropped kerbs
  • in public parking places on main traffic routes when loading is prohibited.

Permit areas

If you live in an area where there are on street residents' parking spaces you may be able to apply for a free residents permit. You can check whether you are eligible and apply online with our new service, NSL Apply. 

Apply for, renew or manage your parking permit

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