Cancer card was set up by Jen Hardy from Edinburgh, Scotland – a wife, a daughter, sister and friend. A mother of two amazing daughters and two magical border terrier dogs.

Jen was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in October 2017. Secondary breast cancer is also known as metastatic, advanced or stage 4. This means it has spread to areas out with the primary site. It is incurable.

Following 5 months of weekly chemotherapy and 19 days of daily radiotherapy, Jen is living well with NEAD – No Evidence of Active Disease. This doesn’t mean that Jen is cured of cancer – her cancer is incurable. But currently it is hiding! It not visible on scans. Jen’s treatment of daily Letrozole and iv Herceptin every 3 weeks is doing it’s job well and keeping her cancer at bay.

Jen’s life has completely changed from the one she had before her diagnosis. Jen says:

“My life now is very different to the one I had 3 years ago. I was busy then, with family, friends and work. I worked hard and my career was on the up. My girls were older and self-sufficient, I could devote more time to the job I loved and was looking forward to working my way up the career ladder and spending more time with my husband, jetting off around the world and indulging in our love for travel and adventure.

My cancer and the drugs that I take to keep it under control have many side effects, the worst one for me is fatigue. This means that I am unable to work and have had a let go of the job I loved, the daily contact with my friends and colleagues and that sense of being someone. I now live a much quieter life, I have to pace myself and make sure that I don’t overdo it. 3 years on from diagnosis, and I am now in a better place, but it has been hard. So hard to accept my new normal.”

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