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Gillian's Saltire Appeal

A two bedroom house in Largs where cancer sufferers & their families can escape the relentless problems & stress which can all become too much.

Things such as insurance, finance and traveling long distances can all cause problems meaning going on holiday to relax sometimes isn't an option.

That's why, thanks to the immense generosity of everyone who has supported the charity, we were able to fundraise an incredible amount of money and buy a flat in Largs where cancer sufferers and their families are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the western isles and relax.

We work together with another charity - The Maggie's Centre in Glasgow. This is where our guests can organise their stay in Largs. We do not charge for the accommodation, the purpose of it is to chill out, re-charge the batteries and have a week away from it all, before returning to treatment. This is invaluable as it gives people the strength to carry on and continue on the road to recovery.

Again, thanks to the support we have received over the past ten years, we were able to purchase our second home in Millport, a famous and well loved town on the Isle of Cumbrae, across from Largs.

We are not working on a cure but giving people the chance to escape from the reality of treatment which will give them the strength to move forward.

It is important to mention that us here at GSA only provide the accommodation and the service of the stay at one of our homes. All bookings are made through 'The Maggie's Centre' in Glasgow.

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