Our Roadmap

We have an exciting, ambitious plan to turn Jen’s original idea into a vital tool that Cancer patients and their families can rely upon.


We introduce Cancer Card to the cancer community with a new microsite.

We receive our charitable status.

Our fundraising plan will begin in earnest. We hope to raise £100,000 in year one of becoming a charity.

Our community will be growing through our social channels, and whilst we can’t support cancer patients just yet, we will be actively building the directory that will help in the future.


Our website build begins. The new website will sit at the heart of our charity, offering the most comprehensive list of charities, organisations, businesses offering their support to cancer patients, their families and friends.

We’re contacting every cancer charity and support organisation in the UK. Explaining who we are, what we do and how we’re going to change the way cancer patients and their families access information and support.

The website goes live, and we start supporting cancer patients, their families and friends.